UV printing is an innovative method that involves printing with special inks on virtually any substrate and fixing the ink placed thereon with UV radiation. This printout is extremely strong, long-lasting and resistant to damage. It is also characterized by good quality and unique aesthetics, which allows for brilliantly reproduced vivid colors and very high-quality graphics. UV printing technology allows us to carry out even the most sophisticated orders, what’s more, printing in this technology encourages us to experiment and look for new, non-standard printing possibilities.

We have a multi-task Mimaki UJF-7151 Plus wide-format printer, which allows printing on a variety of materials with a width of 700 mm and a height of 500 mm and thickness up to 150 mm, where the new UV-LED system controls the lamp power and exposure time, thus ensuring better print quality.

  • large selection of printing materials
  • durability and resistance to damage
  • good quality and aesthetics
  • brilliantly reproduced vivid colors
  • immediately dry and ready to use
  • glass
  • plastics
  • paper
  • PVC
  • plexiglass
  • wood
  • stone
  • marble
  • metal
  • ceramics
  • mirror surfaces
Preparation of the file for printing
  • designs to be printed need to be sent in the size of 1:1 (minimum 180 dpi)
  • preferred file formats: cdr, psd, jpg, pdf, tiff (flattened with LZW compression)
  • all graphics and text must be in CMYK
  • for open files, convert all fonts to curves and effects to bitmaps
  • files for printing and contour cutting should be 2-3 mm larger beyond the cutting line
  • we print with white color as a full base printed before or after CMYK – this version does not require any special preparation
  • there is also the possibility of selective printing and application of varnish to selected elements – then a properly prepared project need to be sent in a vector file
  • if in doubt, please contact the graphics department
  • if you are unable to prepare the production file yourself, our design studio will prepare a graphic design for you based on the materials provided, the valuation of such a service is individual and depends on the complexity of the order given to us for implementation
  • incorrect preparation of the file, and thus the need to make changes to it, may affect the order completion time
  • the printing house is not responsible for printing errors resulting from incorrect preparation of the file by the customer, as well as for substantive errors in the design
Sending files
  • files can be sent by e-mail, delivered on PENDRIVE flash memories, as well as using external services such as Dropbox or WeTransfer
  • delivering designs for printing is not equivalent to placing an order
  • the order can be placed in person or by e-mail, only at the following address: drukarnia@sportrebel.pl
  • please provide the agreed or suggested order completion date
  • finished products can be picked up at the headquarters of Sportrebel in Ruda Śląska, as well as it is possible to send works using a courier or other agreed method